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Had such a wholesome weekend this week. I have just come home. My bf and I went to see a fave band of ours, we went climbing with family, we made some homemade pizzas and watched some Horror films (The Unholy, and Creep 2). And I got a complaint from a very rude neighbour who claimed I have wild nights until 5am. So here's a picture of the "WILD" night my bf and I had playing Patchwork on Friday after the gig!

Patchwork is a really fun little 2 player game. I've probably mentioned it here before but you have a 9x9 board you need to fill in with different shaped tiles. Like tetris but without any of the pressure. It has an unusual mechanism for deciding how you get these tiles, which involves laying them in a circle at random and using a little wooden doodad to mark the next three available to you. Oh and buttons win prizes!

Really cute, easy to pick up and you can play it in less then an hour.

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