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A Quiet Place [2018]

“I could’ve carried him. I should’ve carried him. Who are we if we can’t protect them? Who are we?”

Set in an apocalyptic future, this tense sci fi/horror film follows a family’s struggle to stay alive in a world where aliens with super sensitive hearing hunt humans.

I thought that the acting was great and the film built tension throughout, but it didn’t overdo the jump scares which is what I anticipated. The sound for the film was actually spectacular, its use of music though minimal was brilliant and with purpose, and the sounds of the family’s interaction with the things around them was used expertly to further the tension. I loved that there was a lot of crunchy, repetitive sounds like waterfalls, corn kernels, the sound of grass moving with the wind; all usually sounds that inspire calmness but instead they were juxtaposed with terror thus turning everything on its head!

It also posed a question of what is most important in times of survival and pain, and the answer director Krasinski provided is ‘Family’. I heard a saying once that you “have to eat a lot of shit for your kids” and the parents in this film are no exception. The love for their kids in this is palpable and everything they do is for the survival of their children. Despite the constant, day and night threat to the family, they still continue to value the small things that make a place a home.

A Quiet Place is smart, the pacing of the film was good; I never got bored or wanted it to end. In fact, I was surprised when the film actually did end. I had been on the edge of my seat and did not take my eyes off of the screen once.

Great film. I cannot wait to see A Quiet Place 2.

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