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I've been a fan of 'Escape the Dark Sector', the sci-fi version of this game by Themeborne, for years. A couple of my friends were keen to try this one with my bf and I so we had a fun game night and tried it out!

Escape the Dark Castle has the same game mechanics of the 'Dark Sector' version but much more simple and easy to pick up (as there is no bulleted ranged combat). You choose your character. Your characters has different stats which make it unique, so different combinations of might, cunning and wisdom which gives you more or less chance to roll any one of those for challenges.

To progress the story, you flip story cards over and read them. The cards are chosen at random so each game can be different every time you play so this game has great re-playability. The story cards usually involve quite savage interactions with adversaries, monsters or traps; some ask if you wish to evade, others force you immediately into combat or delve out damage immediately. Oh and if any one of your team dies it's over. As you can see from the pics, the artwork style is really gnarly looking, which I adore, and you get a handy notepad to keep a track of your progress.

Overall, really enjoyed this game. Found it much easier to pickup than Dark Sector so a nice game to pull out for a quick game. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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