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M3GAN [2023]

"I thought we were creating a tool to support parents, not replace them."

It has been a few days since I did a post but it was my birthday on the weekend! Spent it playing some games. I will post about that soon, but I also took the time to catch up with this new film :)

Image description: The image says the following: Directors: Gerard Johnstone / Genres: Sci-fi Horror Thriller / Year: 2023 / Rating: ***__ / Review: This is the type of film you spend the whole time saying out loud "omg don't do that" or "why did you do that" as the characters make poor decisions which have immediate, brutal consequences.. Bear in mind this is a PG13 film so I say "brutal" loosely. It's a fr cry from Chucky gore so if you're looking for horror Chucky 2.0, you'll probably find like I did that it was really just Chucky Lite. There's been a lot of comparison between this & Ex Machina but I feel like it lacks the depth to compete & is far too predictable. All in all, it was entertaining but I hoped it would be more spooky so wouldn't really recommend.

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