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Thanks to Mark for introducing me to this one. This cute game comes with re-usable boards with a 7x7 grid and whiteboard markers. It's something a little different because it's a bit of luck and a lot of creativity. Great for wholesome hangs with friends and loved ones!

The idea of the game is that you roll six dice over multiple rounds; four of which are mandatory (the white dice), and two which are optional (greens). Each dice depicts a route you need to/can draw on your board. It can be either a road, train track or cute trees, and you get some opportunities to use additional junctions to make it a little easier.

You win by a combination of points from completed road or train routes, special dice used, tiles completed in the centre square, green squares and some other point opportunities, minus incomplete tracks that go to nowhere. The great thing is that everyone's board ends up looking very different, and it has great re-playability. Deffo recommend.

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